Who We Are - Silverbyte
Who We Are - Silverbyte

Who We Are

We are a product lifecycle management and development company that accelerates business growth.
We believe in small change & big impact.
We know that you need a partner that doesn't just plan, but one who can get it done.

Company Vision :

To be the top business solution provider globally by constantly adding value to the customer and thereby becoming a strong strategic partner.
We have a vision to create the next generation IT Products.
Those who consider internet serious will consider us serious too.

Mission :

Our mission is to provide strategic services & solutions appealing to Mass & not only the Class & thereby fulfilling the dues to the country & society.

Solutions (Software Products) :

Over a span of 20 years explored many domains, the team of Silverbyte have constantly gained expertise in number of business domains, which is very strongly reflecting in our product lines.

What a Customer means :

A customer is a lifetime associate who wants genuine presence of Silverbyte in their business processes. Quality is the entity that goes out from Silverbyte to the customer. Customer for us is the one who always wants quality, which is exactly what we believe in providing.

What an Employee means :

All the success at Silverbyte is definitely the result of dedicated, customer focused team that we posses. A success business story can only grow if there is a positive attitude team.

Servicing Level :

Is one of the strong points of Silverbyte. The confidence levels in the team to service a customer is high due to the result of very structured processes in place. There is a high level of documentation that makes servicing a customer, employee independent.

Business Ethics :

Business ethics is also one of the key focuses of Silverbyte. Which we believe is a must to grow in this small world. As we religiously follow business ethics we also expect the same from our customers & employees.

Background :

Company has gone through all the phases of Software development life cycle & got expertise over it right from system analysis to support.

From 1992-1995 we worked with Clipper Summer 87.
From 1995-1999 Migrated to clipper 5.2.
From 1999 when Y2K problem came we shifted to FoxPro 2.6 with century on commands in date inputs.

From 2001 we started operations with windows based client server applications with Visual basic 6 & MS Access.

From 2005 we migrated to Backend SQL.

From 2007 we migrated vb.net.

From 2009 we started developing web applications too.

Thereafter we are doing any type of application development job right from bar coding to SMS Integration or Accounting to Online office integration via web application.

Company is now having enough knowledge of various domains like HR Management/Payroll, Diamond Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery, Furniture Hardware, Aluminum Foil Sector & Service Industry.

We are specialist to any job related to above domains.